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Get the Most Out of Your Job Advert

Get The Most Out of Your Job Advert Writing you job advert can be as simple as putting the job title and the basics of the role. However, be warned the less time you spend writing your job advert, the more time you’ll have to spend sifting through terrible applicants! This is why spending a bit of time to write a great job advert is always worthwhile. Think of your job advert as a product you… read more

Hired Online Without Handing in a CV!

Hired Online Without Handing in a CV! Online applications have been around for quite a while now, however they typically involve searching your files, deciding on a version and then uploading a CV - often followed by a series of varying company application forms.  It appears the application process is now changing. One company is even using snapchat as a method of recruitment!. The world is moving… read more

Getting Your Job Advert Right for Feritt

Getting Your Job Advert Right for Feritt Here is a quick hint and tip for all the businesses out there advertising jobs with Feritt.  As you may well know by now all applicants on Feritt use their online CV (EV) to apply to jobs on the site.  The reason that this is the case is to save you time when sorting through applicants as it means you can have a quick look at a EV in a few seconds… read more

Why Should You Apply on Feritt?

So we get asked a lot 'Why should I apply on Feritt?' Well its quite simple, if you are tired and get generally annoyed everytime you have to apply to a job then applying on Feritt will only leave you feeling awesome! Check out our little video explainer!

Social Media Security When Applying to Jobs

Social Media Security and Job Applications The news story last week about the European Court Ruling in favour of employers, with regards to reading personal messages on social media platforms and messaging apps whilst using work devices, got me thinking. Everyone is having to become more aware of where and when they are using social media, but are we thinking about the effects social media can have… read more

The History of Feritt

Feritt was launched by Oliver Woods, a Northumbria Graduate, during his final year and James Walker, who is still studying at Northumbria and has undertaken the full time work at Feritt during his placement year as part of his degree. Their online platform allows job seekers and employers to speed up the entire job application process using familiar online tools. With the business support provided… read more

The EV vs The CV

What is an EV? Well we all know what a CV is but what is this EV thing? The same way you call mail you send through the Internet e-mail, we call our online CV an EV. Using Feritt you can build one in minutes, just fill in the gaps and you're done. Though, that's not even the best part... The reason we created the EV was because when applying for jobs online you fill out the same information all of… read more

Feritt's Guide to Writing a Great EV!

Feritt's Guide to Writing a Great EV We all know by now what a CV is and a small handful of us may be familiar with online CVs. Now you can all have an Online CV for free using Feritt's EV creator. In our other post "The EV vs The CV" we talk about some of the benefits of using our online EV compared to the tradtional CV. Feritt gives you the perfect EV template, it includes a personal statement,… read more